4 Interesting Fall Festivals in the World


Ah, the celebration of all things beer. Taking place in late September through early October, this is a grand festival with events around town. Usually, there are new beer releases as well. People sometimes get dressed up in goofy costumes for Oktoberfest, which can be exciting. You can use quick skin lightening remedies if you intend to show more skin during the event.  A common costume for women is the German or Dutch dirndl skirt and stockings with a Bavarian-style top.


For men, a checked shirt and suspenders with Lederhosen is common. But, you don’t have to go to Oktoberfest in costume at all. You can also just braid your hair if you are a lady and skip the skirt outfit, which can be chilly. If you are a guy a Bavarian-style hat will lend a bit of costume without going overboard.


Oktoberfest in Munich this year has some celebrity beer hours, and other parts of the world sometimes do parades, beer runs, or galas. Some other common events are beer releases, dances, and concerts. You can also go to movie showings around Oktoberfest time.


International Balloon Festival


Held in New Mexico every fall, this is a fabulous festival that sets off balloons over 54 football fields in Albuquerque. This festival lasts a week and starts on Saturday, October 6 in 2018. It sets off over 500 balloons every year.


Started in 1972 by a radio station head who owned one of the few hot air balloons in the area. He wanted the owner of the first hot air balloon in Albuquerque to set off a few hot air balloons in honor of his radio station’s 50th-anniversary party. The tradition has grown yearly and is the largest international balloon festival today.


It includes night lighting of static balloons using their propane burners, several games, and special show sections. There are sculpted balloons and balloons that fly during the night called the Dawn Brigade now also. In addition, there are a few races.


Thanksgiving Day


Thanksgiving is held around the world, even though it started out as an American holiday. Held November 26th, this holiday is renowned for the massive eating that takes place every fall. While the traditional food is turkey, some people make other meats for this holiday like lamb or ham. Traditional side dishes include cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, and stuffing. Common stuffings are oyster or cornbread.


In addition, there is a football game held in the United States every Thanksgiving.


Autumnal Equinox


This is definitely a more international holiday and is not celebrated in the United States as much as in other countries like Japan. It is close in date to Japan’s Culture Day and Health and Sports Day. Autumnal Equinox celebrations can vary on the day but are usually September 22 or 23. Cultural celebrations on this day include art exhibits, parades, and more. When it is celebrated in the United States, Autumnal Equinox can include candle lighting or vigils. Some people also set off water lanterns at night for Autumnal Equinox.